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Partnership working with CfRE and health and care organisations in Wales

Health and Care Research Wales is developing a partnership with the Centre for Research Equity as part of its wider programme to increase diversity and inclusion in research. The Centre for Research Equity values collaboration to enhance health and care equity. We look forward to further this budding relationship with health and care organisations in Wales to improve outcomes.

The Nigerian Medical Association across Great Britain honour Centre Director

The Medical Association of Nigerians across Great Britain (MANSAG) bestowed an honour upon Professor Mahendra Patel, a distinguished academic pharmacist and Director for the Centre of Research Equity. They acknowledged his exceptional support and contributions to the Nigerian community within the United Kingdom. This recognition took place during MANSAG's annual two-day General and Scientific Conference, held in London on the 27th and 28th of October. The conference's central theme, "Transforming Health Outcomes," aimed to celebrate the invaluable role played by Nigerian medical professionals in enhancing healthcare systems both domestically and on a global scale. Professor Patel delivered an inspiring keynote address titled "Making clinical research equitable for the UK Nigerian community," where he explored the obstacles, solutions, and triumphs associated with research initiatives striving to transform health outcomes for Black, Asian, and ethnic minority populations.

Announcement: CfRE Director appointed to the UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership (PPL) Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that Professor Mahendra Patel has been appointed to the UK PPL (Pharmacy Professional Leadership) Advisory Board.

Development of new partnership

We are pleased to announce that our Centre has partnered with the Health and Social Care Research and Development Division (HSC R&D) in Northern Ireland. Our joint initiative aims to promote community engagement and health equity in Northern Ireland's health and care research.

RCGP GP Frontline: Representation in clinical trials – a visionary approach

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic's unprecedented challenges, the Centre for Research Equity at the University of Oxford spearheaded two groundbreaking national clinical trials, PRINCIPLE and PANORAMIC, to combat the virus's devastating effects. These trials, aimed at identifying effective treatments to reduce hospitalizations and alleviate the NHS's burden, embarked on an innovative recruitment strategy. Focused on inclusivity, they reached out to historically underrepresented communities, ensuring a diverse participant base. This effort not only led to the PANORAMIC trial becoming the world's largest and fastest-recruiting primary care trial but also set a new standard for engaging with diverse populations, proving the power of community collaboration in scientific research.

Oxford Centre Director Honoured by Hometown University

Pharmacy pioneer comes full circle with honorary degree from Bradford

A New Chapter in Health Equity: Oxford's Centre for Research Equity Begins Its Mission


Successful launch of Oxford's Centre for Research Equity: A milestone in inclusive health research, the Centre's mission to tackle health disparities was highlighted with a keynote by Dame Jane Dacre.