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The importance of considering intersectionality when including black women in research

Dr Jo Mearhart underscores the significance of intersectionality when involving black women in health and care research. Drawing on the NIHR Include Project's guidance and the stark health disparities faced by black women, she advocates for a more nuanced and inclusive approach to research that goes beyond surface-level diversity, paving the way for more equitable healthcare outcomes.

Celebrating Black Women in Health & Care Research: Advancing Equity, Inclusion, and Impact

Dr Margaret Ikpoh delves into the critical yet often underappreciated contributions of Black women in tackling health inequalities in the UK. Through poignant examples, Dr Ikpoh highlights the transformative role of inclusive research in advancing a more equitable healthcare landscape.

Empowering Black Women: Pioneers of Equity in Research

Dr Omon K. Imohi celebrates Black History Month 2023 by exploring Black women's pivotal contributions to health and care research in the UK.