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We are pleased to announce that Professor Mahendra Patel has been appointed to the UK PPL (Pharmacy Professional Leadership) Advisory Board.

Mahendra Patel serves as the Director for the Oxford University Centre for Research Equity where he leads initiatives to address inequalities in healthcare.

In an open letter released by UK PPL, the Board aims to:

  • support and enable collaborative working among pharmacy professionals.
  • develop credible and authoritative leadership that speaks with one voice to government, regulators, patients, employers, and others in the public interest.
  • contribute to the ambition of realising the future potential of pharmacy professionals in the NHS and other settings.

Commenting on the appointment, Mahendra Patel said:

It is a privilege to join this distinguished board of independent pharmacy experts, national pharmacy groups, and professional leadership bodies from across the UK.  The work we undertake must translate the UK Pharmacy Commission’s recommendations into tangible initiatives that elevate the pharmacy profession, driving excellence in practice and research to address health disparities and enhance outcomes for all. By fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity we will be paving the way for a progressive and aspirational future for the pharmacy profession.

The CfRE is proud to have our Director represent the industry on this important advisory board, further cementing our commitment to advance the pharmacy profession and collaboration with key stakeholders to address health and care inequalities.

 About UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board

The UK PPL Advisory Board was established as a key recommendation from the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership’s report published in February 2023. The Board was established as an independent public body to enable greater collaboration across the UK pharmacy professional leadership bodies and specialist professional groups.

The newly appointed Board comprises of nine Independent Expert Members with outstanding leadership capabilities to ensure a broad, balanced, and diverse representation.

More information about the Board can be found here.